These artworks are inventions dreamed up that should exist. Discarded objects transformed into improbable things. The breath between us (being played)The breath between usThe breath between us (mouthpiece detail)Leaping ChairListen Up!Apparatus for the Repatriation of TearsPaddling through the cloudsEatToe-to-toeToe-to-toe (detail)UnicycleChilds PlayThe Wandering BreathComforted (tennis racquet)BounceTreeAlong the seamWeary implement of whackWallopSafety PinAt a loose endFulcrumPilgrimageWollongong AirHuddle Weapon of Mass DeceptionWeapon of Mass DeceptionRoger, I hear you loud and clear…SeedSeed (detail)GunshipGunship (detail: inside drawers)Bullet PeopleUnfurledOn the outside looking inOn the outside looking inPeripheral Noise and Extra PocketsPeripheral NoiseRicochetMutiny (hammer)Take ArmsThoughts that breatheA song to raise the seeds byThoughts that breathe (detail)HarvestArterialArterial (detail)SnugMy two left feetDust cloud, for better or worse For better or worse The spareIn my hand I held a folding of time In my hand I held a folding of time PreambleTool for a forgotten purpose #52Tools for a forgotten purpose