ConduitMurmuringCherryThe world withinPlaying in the saddlePlaying in the saddleBreast paddleWhisper into my ear and I will carry your songThings hiddenThings hiddenThings hidden (detail)The cloud within me (resting)An archaeology of care (installation)On the cusp of a breathLonging for homeThe cloud within me (suspended)Chair body / Body chairSubmarinerAn archaeology of careSubmarinerThis land keeps me from falling, fallingPivotBivouac and PilgrimageTerra FirmaTerra Firma (detail)Conduit (in function)Pillow (going for a walk)Pillow (resting)EquilibriumThe breath within meCradleLuminaryBy the light of the moonBreast CakesThe one and the otherEmpathyThe cloud within meResonanceThwackWatching and waitingTenderBodily Felt