TendernessConduitMurmuringBreast paddleWhisper into my ear and I will carry your songThe cloud within me (resting)CherryAn archaeology of care (installation)On the cusp of a breathLonging for homeThe cloud within me (suspended)Chair body / Body chairSubmarinerAn archaeology of careSubmarinerThis land keeps me from falling, fallingPivotBivouac and PilgrimageTerra FirmaTerra Firma (detail)Conduit (in function)Pillow (going for a walk)Pillow (resting)EquilibriumThe breath within meCradleLuminaryBy the light of the moonBreast CakesThe one and the otherEmpathyThe cloud within meResonanceThwackWatching and waitingTenderPeripheral Noise and Extra PocketsPeripheral NoiseThings hiddenThings hiddenThe world withinThings hidden (detail)